Girls Wrestling During Covid

During the pandemic, some sports weren’t going to have a season. Luckily, the girls wrestling team got the chance to have some competition. I will be talking about the precautions they have taken during COVID, also their win for the league championship this season.

Their first match of the season was against CI, they won by 24-15,and their last match was against Buena; home won by 24-18. They won the league championship by 4 wins. The girls put in work and effort during their practice. They do their weekly weight training and workout routine, and have fun while doing some team building.

I got the chance to interview the wrestling team captain: Ariana, Senior,4th year wrestling,

Aida (Me): If you were to go back to how things were before, would you?

Ariana: Definitely! The season only gave a small glimpse of wrestling to our new wrestlers. I wish they could have experienced overnight tournaments and more dual meets.

Aida (Me): Did you enjoy your last year of wrestling?

Ariana: Absolutely my senior season didn’t go as I imagined, I did enjoy this year very much.I bonded a lot with my teammates on and off the mat, which is something I’m grateful for. In this sport you need a support system, and my team was exactly that.

We are wishing the girl wrestling team best of luck on the freestyle season.