Raising Canes is Coming to Oxnard! What to Expect When They Arrive

Raising Cane’s, a food chain spreading across and coming to the city of Oxnard on 2181 N. Rose Ave with no official date set only hinting at us with the previous chain being TGI Friday’s and a coming soon sign in the front is nation serving one essential item that makes us all go crazy for- chicken fingers. Due to the pandemic, many are resulting in fast food for a change of taste that the household staples. Chicken tenders not only being a favorite for many but a luxury for those who have found their holy grail for tenders. So this begs the question, will these chicken fingers be worth it?

The Wait Time

I’ve luckily had the opportunity to taste the menu in both Gilbert, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada so I got to see how they operate in the two states. The first thing I can say is the wait time you would be put through for chicken fingers is something you’d have to prepare for like in a Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, or an In-N-Out drive-thru line: It will extend throughout the parking lot. I recorded time in both cities to see if this would be common and got these results:

Gilbert- 30 minutes through the drive-thru

Las Vegas- 15-20 minutes through the drive-thru and dine-in

With a long line for the drive-thru and its lengthy-time due to the pandemic, is it worth it for a menu that fits in one combo and unfairly sized chicken fingers, not to mention paying extra for more homemade sauce on opening day? It will be across the street from the infamous Chick-Fil-A serving competition and leaving you contemplating on which to choose.

The Menu and Specials

Raising Cane’s only serves chicken fingers as their protein option. It could be seen as their downfall, yet they do it so well you’d be left speechless. The menu is small and has little to no variety if chicken isn’t your go-to. The menu contains a shortlist of chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw, Texas toast, drinks, and Cane’s sauce made in-house. There is a range of combos and related specials such as their sandwich combo. They even cater orders for events called “Tailgates”, which come in quantities from 25-100 chicken fingers and Cane’s sauce.

The Taste

Although the chain only sells chicken fingers, the taste of them does not disappoint. The fingers are seasoned to perfection that doesn’t leave you with a salty, weird aftertaste and the crunch is there as it is lightly flakey. If anything their size isn’t great. They are small compared to other food chains and restaurants that have typically long tenders- but Raising Cane’s misses that. The shape can be reminded of the small tenders you would get that you never appreciated or a small frozen tender that would always consist of mostly- unsatisfying. Compared to their new neighbor across the street whose strips have a loyal and passionate fanbase brings a disservice with palm-sized chicken fingers and for $1.09 each finger?! It would make a chicken lover cry. But don’t let that discourage you from the flavors that await you and a large number of fries given in the combos that will satisfy you about your purchase. The coleslaw I haven’t tried but was told by many that it’s a little dry but reasonable as it comes with every combo and delicious texas toast! Order a lemonade with the combo and you will be hooked! Dipping the chicken fingers in their yummy Cane’s sauce reminds you of a thousand islands that you would get animal style at In-N-Out with added spices, thicker, and gives you a good feeling when your day feels gloomy or when you want to feel good about yourself!


I recommend that you buy their box combo of 4 fingers, fries, coleslaw, Cane’s sauce, texas toast, and a 22 oz drink for $6.98. If you have younger siblings or children the kid’s combo isn’t exactly worth it for $2.40 getting two fewer chicken fingers and losing 10 oz of a drink for stickers or a mini coloring booklet, that is a child’s nightmare! Another item I recommend is their house-made lemonade, it closely resembles Chick-Fil-A’s and is made fresh regularly by the day! With a small menu of one entrée given in a variety of sizes, one item I suggest you NEVER buy is the sandwich or the sandwich combo. The sandwich isn’t served with a patty or a breast but with 3 fingers! If you want the sandwich then you are better off a box combo of your choosing, adding lettuce, cane’s sauce, and a bun yourself. Paying $5.98 for the sandwich combo or the sandwich alone is not only a sad excuse for a chicken sandwich (especially in 2021) but extra carbs that we don’t need when we could just enjoy their incredible chicken fingers without regrets.

The experience

Overall Raising Cane’s is a place to try when they open, it may have its flaws but also brings us our current and future favorites for Oxnard to enjoy, and we couldn’t be happier. The food is worth the wait when they open if you don’t want to experience boredom through a long line. I can’t wait for their opening day and when they can open for dine-in I highly recommend dining inside, they’ll be the few places where you’ll be happy (like how I am when I go) to go in such as you would at In-N-Out. Great atmosphere, décor, wonderful service, and lovely hospitality with a homey feeling when you walk through the door. A place your family would enjoy together with positive vibes all around!


More information on Raising Cane’s in Oxnard, go here.