The World in Ruin: Is it too late to fix it?

Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in the 21st Century. Caused by a multitude of issues, humans have been the ones destroying what they call “their home.” If the problem is not brought to light now, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Science Behind It
The main factor when it comes to climate change, in most recent years, is humans and their man-made structures. As many know, our world runs on fossil fuels, these include coal, oil, and natural gases. With these, we power our forms of transportation everywhere. Including cars, boats, and airplanes. Although those are the most common forms, they aren’t the most destructive. We are practicing mountaintop removal, fracking, and offshore drilling, which are multiple extremities taken to help slow down climate change. The outcomes of these practices are disastrous. Causing tar sands, poison bodies of water, and deforestation. Furthermore, loads of CO2 are getting released into the atmosphere hourly and are getting trapped in our trees. These issues become more of a problem every year.

CO2 and Methane
CO2 and Methane are the two most polluting and harmful gases that have resulted in the greater need for climate change. CO2 is the main source of pollution in many countries and is more well known since it’s in our everyday lives, such as our modes of transportation. Meanwhile, methane is a gas emitted from cow gas and is 20 times more harmful to the atmosphere than CO2.

How America Is Dealing With Climate Change
America emits the most green gas and despite all the harm America has done, there are many that still don’t believe in climate change, such as the majority of the government. Some think it’s a hoax and think they’re bigger than science, and others knowing it’s true prefer not to say anything because of the benefits they receive from the world’s destruction. If the United States began to decline in their treacherous acts, government officials would lose large sums of their income. As a result, they refuse to bring the issue to light and don’t educate their followers on what’s really going on.

Although America should be one of the leading countries to make changes, all they’ve thought about is enforcing carbon tax. In an attempt to reduce the usage of carbon base products, the U.S has thought of raising the price on things like gas and other polluting substances. If action isn’t taken on this issue, by 2060 we’ll have to pay near $44 trillion in taxes as a result of climate change.

What’s The Rest Of The World Doing About It
While America ignores the issue, many countries around the world are ahead of the game. As both the #1 manufacture and polluter of the western countries, China’s air pollution is so bad that in certain areas, citizens have to wear masks just to go out about their day. With nearly 9,000 major factories, tons of smog is endlessly being released. However, unlike the U.S., global warming is acknowledged and talked about daily on newscasts and the data is taken into consideration by the people living there.

In India, you find the same problems, if not more. India is both a higher populated and poorer country than China and America. Unlike them, they also don’t have a choice but to use coal as their main source of energy. In fact, India is home to the 3rd biggest coal reservoir in the world and still, 30% of households don’t have access to electricity. It’s reasons like this that America has to make the first move towards slowing down climate change. If the richest country in the world won’t spend anything trying to fix this, how can we expect other countries with less money to make the change?

How you can help
Everyone has heard of climate change or global warming, but it’s been ignored for so long that simple things like switching the type of lightbulb you use won’t do much to help anymore. Since the biggest cause of climate change is the green gases (CO2) we pump into the atmosphere daily, try to reduce the number of times you drive somewhere. If it’s close enough, walk, exercise is good for your physical health anyways. Switching to solar power would be very helpful and overtime put a stop to coal and fossil fuel factories here in the United States. Solar panels will showcase your seriousness and commitment to saving the planet. Not to mention solar power will save you money when it comes to monthly payments. To limit the amount of methane, consider switching to chicken instead of beef.

As people of the public, we can only do so much. Time after time, we’ve had politicians deny the existence of climate change and it is up to us to change their minds. Protesting and posting on social media, being aware, and sharing this information with others are all simple things we can do to show that this is an issue we won’t stop fighting for. With elections coming up, there is no better time. Vote for leaders who will fight alongside us on this matter rather than against it; furthermore, vote for leaders with a plan, a plan to end the use of fossil fuels, invest in renewable energy, and that support carbon tax.

The time is now! Help put a stop to climate change, before it’s too late.