Boys Basketball


Yanely Quinones

Boys Basketball practicing at Pacifica High School

During Covid-19, sports have had to adjust. In this article, I will be talking about how boys basketball is being played with Covid-19 and the precautious they’re dealing with. The people who got interviewed were Coach Collins and two other players whose names are Andrew Garcia and Kavi Singh.

When interviewing Coach Collins the question that was asked was: “How are you handling basketball right now?” and his response was “It’s tough because a lot of the parents are very skeptical about letting their kids come and practice. We do follow protocol, take temperatures, we practice social distancing, wear our masks when practicing, and makes it more difficult due to our numbers being a little bit down too”.

Knowing that Basketball is following protocol the right way is good for the students to continue this process until things get better with Covid-19. “Covid-19 has not affected my team because we had to take months off at a time and are able to practice but not everyone would show up due to players having grandparents or have some other health issues and can’t be out here much” says Coach Collins.

Being able to have practices right now is good for the students because it makes them focus on something else rather than school. Virtual learning is difficult with the majority of students because everything is new to us and having to deal with looking at screens all day. Having practice gives them an opportunity to look forward to something that they love doing.

Two of the players were interviewed and their names are Andrew Garcia who’s a Junior and Kavi Singh who’s a Junior as well. The question that was asked for Andrew is “How would you say practices are right now?” and his response was “I feel like it’s more difficult because we have to wear masks and a lot of people are going through a tough time with their families”.

Kavi was interviewed and was asked “If you were to go back to how things were before, would you?” and his response was “Yes, because everything was much simpler and we didn’t have to wear our masks which makes it harder now”.