Mental Health During Quarantine



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Mental Health is an important thing. People need to be healthy mentally as much as they need to be healthy physically, but for some people they only have one of those traits and this quarantine is not helping.

I think people are gonna come out of this dark period worse than before. People are now used to a simple day to day basis like how inmates are in prison.

People who live alone are very challenged. They have no family or friends who live with them and have been by themselves for months,  it could be years, until our covid case settles down.

In my opinion there’s gonna be people with a broken mind wandering our streets and we should pray that no one gets hurt when these people are released into the public.

I interviewed my friend, a family member, and the fire department some questions about mental health during the quarantine.

What type of disorders have come up because of quarantine?
Friend: Isolation and loathing
Family Member: None
Fire Department: None

When was the last time we had to quarantine?
Friend: Idk
Family Member: 4th century
Fire Department: In the middle “ages”

How are people reacting to quarantine?
Friend: Very poorly
Family Member: Terribly
Fire Department: Wonderfully

Has there been any crimes as a result of people being shut in?
Friend: I want to say “yes” and many more to come
Family Member: I wanna say “yes”
Fire Department: Yes of course

How can we connect while maintaining social distancing?
Friend: By wearing masks
Family Member: Social media
Fire Department: Electronic devices

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