Why ICE is a big threat

In recent years, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained a lot of immigrants. Ever since DACA came to an end, a lot of young children have been separated and deported back to Mexico or were captured by ICE for not having papers.

When DACA ended back in 2019 and Donald J. Trump wanted people who didn’t have papers to be deported back to their country, it had a lot of families worried. The government spends millions of dollars to lock up the immigrants for those who serve no purpose.

In an addition to that, I think the government is being more cruel by making it nearly impossible for prolonged immigration to fight their cases, yet even the immigrants who do have legitimate claims for legal status in the United States still cannot fight their case.

The government and ICE will abuse anything to get what they want such as threatening the civil liberties and imposing heavy social cost which will make American families torn apart and undermining community trust

I think it’s wrong for the government to spend millions of dollars to lock up people who serve no purpose and for ICE to take away family members just because they don’t have papers.

The people who are immigrants didn’t come here to seek violence or cause destruction or take jobs, but to have a better life for themselves and their kids. Some people who are immigrants don’t come to the United States to cause problems, whether it’s Mexicans, Europeans, or Indians.

They came here to either visit or to escape from the danger or awful laws from their country.