Senior Karla Guzman takes on Careers, College and Creative Business

It is 7 A.M. and senior Karla Guzman is starting her morning routine. She drops her little sister off at school, making it back just in time to join her second period class. Some days, she finishes class and goes off to work, and if she is not at work, she is attending after school dance practice. Karla is one of many students at PHS who balances school and a part-time job.

“It makes it more stressful, very much more stressful. It just gives me more responsibilities, you have to learn time management,” Karla said. “It gives me a little bit of freedom, because at work, they can’t call my parents. You’re seen as an adult, so it’s just learning how to grow and be in the real world.”

Outside the classroom, Karla enjoys dancing and has recently taken up embroidery. She likes learning kpop dances and making TikToks with her friends, who describe her as hardworking, passionate, creative and incredibly funny.
“I would rate my high school experience an 8/10, only because I’ve made so many friends and such great memories. I’ve met such great people and it makes me happy,” Karla said.
March 21 marked the launch of Karla’s small business Totes Kay. Her Instagram shop sells custom tote bags, priding itself on using 100% eco-friendly cotton.
“I just wanted to do something where I could give a gift to people. In the beginning, I wasn’t gonna sell them, but I just needed enough money to keep doing it,” Karla said. “When I thought about selling them, I thought I could save money for college”
In the near future, she sees herself attending college studying to become a teacher. As the child of immigrants, many students can relate to the struggles Karla faces in achieving higher education. Karla’s dedication to herself has set her up for a promising career, starting with acceptances to California Lutheran, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU Channel Islands and CSU Northridge.
“I want to succeed and be able to help my community in the future. I want to be someone who can inspire others,” Karla said.