Social Media Algorithms


A picture of app logos

Algorithms have been a thing that is used to serve people content that is specific to them on social media and even other platforms like YouTube and Netflix also has a little section on the home area that has movies or shows that you could be interested in and are like ones you have seen. Companies also serve you ads on things you may like as well.

My cousin has said that she watches things that she likes for example on youtube and has seen a lot of things recommended to her on the homepage for her on youtube and also even when she used her social media if she clicks on the example on images on Instagram the algorithm almost automatically starts to feed her things that relate to that one image or even an ad.

I have also asked my friend about how the internet does things and even when he plays on his gaming console. He has said that he gets fed things about games that he owns on his gaming console also not just on his phone and also gets information about his games and when they get updates and things of that nature.

Another friend named John has also spoken about how companies also do this to obviously try to cater to the person and to also not only do that but also the company gets money out of giving people what they want to see so it’s also in a way like a win-win scenario for the consumer and the company.

In conclusion algorithms on social media can be good and bad it depends on the individual and how they use them. It can be used in many different ways and is good for the most part. They are good most of the time and sometimes they give you something that is not for you but nothing is perfect in life.