Interview with John Pike


My teacher Jeff Pike was always there to inspire me so I decided to interview him about his business life.

My first question for him was, “what made him change from being a coach to being a teacher?”
He said, “I was a coach and a teacher but recently i stopped coaching with the school because i’m coaching my kids plays.

My 2nd question was, “Which career did you first sign up for?”.
Mr.Pike said, ”I was coaching right out of high school while i was going to school to become a teacher”.

My third question was, “Do you still coach at all?”.
Mr.Pikes responds with “I coach at sons little league team”.

My fourth was, ”Out of all the schools in the region why did you choose Pacifica?”
Mr Pike responded with,”I had a friend who was teaching at pacifica and he got me me interview”.

Next question was ”Have you ever thought about switching careers?”
Mr.Pike said”, No”.

My Final question was, “Have you ever wanted to switch schools in the past?”
Mr Pikes responds, ”I have thought about it because i know people who have moved but i myself have not seeked out to move.”