Meet the Outstanding Students of Pacifica

We asked some of the most outstanding students here at Pacifica about their accomplishments, highlights, and challenges they faced here at Pacifica. Here were some of their responses:

Kelly Espino, Senior

  1. Some accomplishments I have achieved this year so far include leading the schools Varsity team as captain, being selected as the only senior from Pacifica to attend the Ventura County All-Star soccer game, maintaining a 4.8 GPA with all AP courses, being ranked number one in my class, expanding Science club as a president, being chosen as a triton talk anchor, and Mr. Lawrence selecting me to represent Pacifica in an interview with Mr. Galleger for a newsletter.
  2. What I enjoy most about Pacifica High School is the community we build on various preferences, ethnicities, and culture. Many clubs embrace these qualities such as the Alliance, Young Black Scholars, and countless more. Most students embrace their ethnicity without disrespecting other groups. With so many students, we interact with one another and learn new things everyday, which other schools may not have enough diversity to do so.
  3. The biggest challenge I have had as a student is balancing my school involvement, 6 AP courses, club and school sports, and have time for fun with my family and friends. I continue to overcome this day by day by prioritizing my actions to reach an ultimate goal, meaning sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to result in a greater outcome. Working tenaciously and with passion is the best method when attempting to be successful.

Lea Magdaleno, Senior

  1. This final year in high school an accomplishment of mine has been continuing my class presidency. I was junior class president last year and had the opportunity to be senior class president this year. My responsibilities this year included fundraising and planning prom and senior activities. I hope that these events were enjoyable and memorable for everyone.
  2. What has really improved my high school experience is track and cross country. I joined my sophomore year and have enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve been able to meet some really amazing friends and coaches. My coach Sandoval in particular is someone who motivates and inspires me to push myself everyday on and off the track. I’m also grateful to have met my distance friends who make me laugh and never fail to put a smile on my face. Surprisingly they made running fun and easier to endure. My overall high school experience couldn’t have been as cherish able and enjoyable without them.
  3. The biggest challenge I overcame as a student was learning to manage my time. Throughout high school I’ve always felt very overwhelmed at times balancing schoolwork, sports, extracurriculars, volunteering, and my part time job. I was able to overcome this by spending my time wisely. I would find myself doing homework during nutrition or lunch, or learning to say no to my friends when they would go out on weekends. I knew that in the long run my ability to responsibly balance my time would be more beneficial.

  Marvin Bui, Senior

  1. Some accomplishments I had this year were to have and keep a 4.0 GPA from the beginning of the year until now while having 3 AP classes 1st semester and 2 AP classes 2nd semester. I’m also close to finishing four years of participation within the MESA club and for the Boys Tennis Team.
  2. I enjoy my time here at Pacifica High School because of the fact that both the faculty and teachers work together to make this high school filled with positive and optimistic energy and that I always feel motivated to do my best in school because of teacher, faculty, and friend support.
  3. The biggest challenge I had as a student would be to keep the level of being a top college bound student with a 4.0 GPA for all of high school while having the stress and pressure of AP classes, commitment to clubs, and time devoted to sport. A major obstacle I had while trying to achieve this was procrastination and the loss of motivation to stay at such a high level. There were times when school work would be exhausting, mind boggling, or downright overwhelming, but what kept me going was the will and determination that all of the work I do will pay off in the long run when I’m in college to study for my major and that I could support my family and myself to live a comfortable, safe, and non stressful life.

  Joanna Dam, Senior

  1. Some accomplishments this year included placing for the civil structure project at a MESA competition and being selected as the best doubles team in the Pacific View League in Tennis. I’ve taken AP classes every year, while being a member of Symphonic Band, a member of the varsity teams for cross-country, tennis, and track and field, a member of Geobowl, a section editor for journalism, MESA club president, and a hacky sack club co-founder.
  2. The best decisions I made were to be involved with many different activities because there are so many interests that the programs allow you to explore opportunities that otherwise would not be available. The staff make Pacifica a great place because despite our reputation for being a “ghetto” school, the AP teachers have proven to go above and beyond for their students.
  3. The greatest challenge I experienced was balancing three sports and school work. I had run cross-country for all my years in middle school but took a break in high school, where I picked up tennis freshman year. My junior year, I was welcomed to the cross-country team again  and made varsity during my first year. During this ordeal, I switched from percussion to the flute section in symphonic band and was balancing learning a new instrument with back-to-back practice for cross-country and tennis everyday. Although it  was physically and mentally draining, but I continued to balance my busy schedule because each of these activities were important to me.