Cheerleading Team Hypes Pacifica with Their Win

On the weekend of the 18th, Pacifica’s cheer team participated in the Jamz Nationals competition. After two rigorous days of practiced stunts, the team had earned first place. The week after their spectacular win two of the team’s seniors, Cameron and Destiny, appeared on Triton Talk with their coach Naseem Naghdi.

A short video was shown during the show, capturing the exact moment when Pacifica’s win was announced. Deafening cheers had erupted, and brought excitement to those inside and out of the Triton studio. The two seniors on Triton Talk noted that they grew up doing cheer together and even cheered all four years of high school. Before the competition, both admitted to feeling nervous but excited for the finale. Afterwards, both agreed to that they felt rather proud of themselves and their team for pulling through.

However, with this being their last year in high school and, therefore, in cheer competitions, Cameron and Destiny cannot help but feel they will miss the competitions. No doubt their competitions helped to build and strengthen the bonds of friendship of their entire team. As Cameron so aptly states: “Competing and traveling is a lot of fun, especially with your teammates since you get to bond. Cheer also teaches you a lot about teamwork and puts your attitude in check.”

Pacifica High is a school that strives to excel in academics, art, and athletics. The win at the cheer competition is just one of many examples of how the school fulfills their goals of excellence. As the underclassmen move in to take over for their graduating seniors, it is a hope that Pacifica students will continue to be the team’s own little cheer squad. It is then that the school can live up to Mr. Lawrence’s infamous phrase: Expect excellence, win the day, go Tritons.