Boys’ Wrestling Gets Their Head in the Game

Boy’s Wrestling, though not fully recorded, still had a great showing of strength, determination, and performances. With just the Varsity alone, the team had over 150 wins overall. Starting with our younger Varsity wrestlers, Moises Pena, a sophomore, had a record of 20 wins to 10 loses and sophomore Alonzo Garcia had a similar record of 20 wins to 12 loses. Both with 20 wins under their belt and only as sophomores, we’re expected to have both perform strongly in the future.

Willie Dillon, our highest winning competitor, is a junior who has 35 wins to 10 loses, and is only in his second year of wrestling despite being the son of one of the coaches. Willie has shown true dedication to improving from last year, having a record of 17 wins to 6 loses. Now that he’s improved as a wrestler, Willie is enjoying it more, saying, “I like that when I am out there on the mat, it’s me and my opponent and no one else. It’s all on me to perform. You’re out there and everyone is watching, so if you win, it’s all you; and if you lose, it’s all you. I like that challenge.” Willie, having such a high record, really shows that he is taking the challenge and not slowing down as he enters his senior year. Though, Willie did tie with senior Ryan Harris in having the most wins this season. Ryan, with 35 wins to 8 loses and showing as much determination in wrestling, and both within the ranges of 140 to 150 pounds, showed that size isn’t everything when it comes to winning.

Moving down the ranks, senior Isaiah Escudero with 28 wins to 9 loses is our last known varsity member to break 20 wins. Now with 5 team members showing ambition towards wrestling, the only way to get more wins is to go to more tournaments outside of League. Even if the wrestlers didn’t go to many of the other tournaments, they still had a great season, such as Eduardo Magana with 15 wins to 10 loses, Brian Ibarra with 6 wins to 5 loses, and Jullian Diaz with 7 wins to 3 loses. We can see that all these wrestlers had as much ambition as their teammates. It was great season for these boys, all breaking positive by the end of it and with a starting base team of 29 wrestlers, from Varsity and JV, ready to fill in the position of their upper classmates.