Keeping Up with Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is one of the three bands available at Pacifica High school along with marching band and jazz band, all led by the wonderful Ms. Rogers. Ms. Rogers is the band director but within each instrumental section in Symphonic band, there are also at least two section leaders who are similar to student leaders that lead practices when each instrumental section is divided into their individual roles. Symphonic band practices every day during third and fifth period and their main performances include their Winter Concert in December, the Santa Susana Band Festival Competition in March, the immense OUHSD Bands Night, Rio Mesa School District Festival, the Spring Concert, and Graduation. Being a part of Symphonic band is a great way to connect with other people from various grade levels who have a passion for music, practice performing in front of audiences, and learn about music as a career!

           Practices for in-class rehearsals involve warm-ups such as playing a chorale or small scale from method books before getting started on the actual pieces. If time permits, they will learn a bit of music theory and then they will start practicing their pieces for their upcoming events. Symphonic band is divided into the upper woodwind, brass, low brass, string, percussion, flutes, alto saxophones, clarinets instrumental sections. Each student is asked to take their instruments home on the weekends to practice their pieces in their band folder. Symphonic band players have a specific concert attire that they wear for every performance including a full body suit for the gentlemen and a black dress with flats or high heels for the ladies.

           The Santa Susana Band Festival Competition is where the band travels to Santa Susana high school and plays three pieces for a panel of judges in order to make it to regionals. After that part of the competition, the band is placed into a room called the “sight reading room” where they are placed with another judge in order to play an unknown musical piece within a certain time limit. Although it’s a lot of hard work, everyone in the band enjoys making friends over time, performing music as a way to express themselves, and learning about the many different styles of music.  Pacifica High school wishes good luck to the Symphonic band performers as they get ready to perform for the Santa Susana Band Festival on March 15th!