Shane Dawson Docuseries Spark Controversy

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber known for his conspiracy videos and wearing the same shirt. Formerly known for overly-straightened hair and comedy sketches, his self-deprecating humor has remained while his videos have recently transformed into documentaries on other internet celebrities. Beginning with a documentary on his past and confronting his father about leaving him, he went on to do multiple part installments of a documentary with Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau disappointed fans after her infamous Tanacon event in June. After being denied a “featured creator” the past two years in a row, the YouTube went on to shade VidCon and created a self-named event on the same weekend as VidCon at the Marriott Anaheim Suites, which was minutes away. The event was a disaster, an understatement, with Tana promising free passes, but everyone had to purchase $65 passes.

After roughly 4,500 paid fans showed up to the hotel, the event was shut down because the Marriott could only safely support about 3,000 people in total. Many people left dehydrated, disappointed and with severe sunburns as most of them were in the sun for over 6 hours. In a video by Safiya Nygaard where she impersonated Shane, “I’ve got it! I’m gonna do a three part series on luxury trash cans”, to which her boyfriend, Tyler Williams, replied “Tanacon?”. After Shane’s Tana Mongeau documentary was released, the blame was shifted to the manager of “Good Times” Entertainment Management Company or “that bleached blonde guy on the segway”.

Jeffree Star has been stirring up controversy since his MySpace days. With a pained childhood where his father left him, he was suicidal and depressed throughout high school. He revealed in the documentary that he always wore long sleeves and sweaters when it was over 90 degrees to hide the scars. His full-body tattoos are used to hide all the scarring on his skin. His anger built up more when people would constantly harass him over his sexuality and appearance.

He countered them by being louder and more rude, shouting back slurs that he later apologized for, understanding that he was wrong, and people are much more accepting now. Many viewers who initially hated Jeffree began to appreciate all the hard-work it took to build up himself and his company alongside his humor and personality after seeing his perspective and why he was so explosive in his past. 

Shane Dawson also looks into the world of Logan Paul, an entertainer ostracized for making inappropriate comments and displaying offensive material in his videos. After Dawson interviewed him, viewers were left looking at Paul from a different point of view and started to sympathizes him for proclaimed mental illnesses.

Despite Shane constantly putting out new material, fans aren’t always left satisfied. Some viewers say that by interviewing problematic people, it erases their negative side from the media and causes people to forget about their bad choices. One thing is certain, Shane Dawson distributes content that leaves people wanting more.