Marching Band Marches Towards Victory


December is the month best known for the holidays, but for Marching Band, it’s parade and competition season. After wrapping up the season of successful halftime shows for our home football games, it’s time to begin practicing and meeting deadlines for the three competitions our band participated in along with parades.
The three main parades they have are Oxnard Christmas Parade, Santa Barbara Christmas Parade, and finally, Camarillo Christmas Parade. Each of these events involve a competition section for the participating bands. Pacifica’s  main competitors every year are Oxnard High School, Channel Islands High School, and Hueneme High School.

With 2 hour practices twice, or even three, times a week, led by the band and color guard director, Cathi Rogers, our band made sure to not take music and marching lightly this year as they aspired to be at the top. Their main parade song was “Santa Baby” and the Camarillo competition march was called “Billboard March.”
At Oxnard, Pacifica received 2nd place in Band overall and 3rd place for Drum Major, achieved by co-Drum Major Rosa Contreras. At their biggest competition of the year, Camarillo, Pacifica swept their division with 1st place awards in all three categories of the competition: Drum Major Mace, won by co-Drum Major Genre Transfiguracion, Color Guard, and Band. Our band’s main competitor was Hueneme this year and they followed in second place within the division.
Pacifica was loud with joy and cheer when the results were announced. The bus ride home was full with laughter, bliss, and a newfound sense of pride.

“Performing in band competitions like Camarillo allow the band to work together as a team differently,” says co-Drum Major  Genre Transfiguracion, “Each and every musician has an important part where they have to listen to each other carefully, paying attention to the details of each musical line. Not only does the band have to be aware of each other musically but physically, each member has to be environmentally aware of each other peripherally to remain in step, attempting to mimic each other’s strides and steps. Too big a step and they’ll be ahead, too little and it’ll hold up the rest of the band.”
“Every day we practiced for Camarillo trying to execute perfect runs of the song and having the correct stride. By achieving these details together, it brings together that idea of being one band rather than 60 individuals performing for themselves.”

With marching band’s last day of class being December 12th, students, and band director Rogers, felt like all the hard work and deadlines were worth it in the end and it was a great way to end the year. The marching band is looking forward to an even better season in 2019.