Pacifica Takes A Walk On the Wild Side

On December 7th and 8th, Pacifica’s dance department held their annual winter dance show. With both nights bringing in an almost full house, the dancers put on a show that was fun for everyone.

The theme of the dance show was A Walk on The Wild Side, with each song in the performances containing an animal. Songs like Cat and Mouse by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Dog Days Are Over by Florence Welch, and Circle of Life left the audience astonished as the dancers tried to capture an animal-like presence in each of their performances.

“What I enjoy most about Pacifica’s dance program is that it not only brings people together,” says Samantha Chai, one of Pacifica’s Advanced Dancers, “but it creates new bonds and friendships between them too.”

One of the biggest differences about this dance show from those prior to it is that there was an increased number of student choreographed numbers, not only allowing student to demonstrate their dance skills on stage, but also allowing them to put their own creative spin into their performances. This year also brought more male performers, allowing the  dance program to grow in both number and diversity.

Advanced dancer Greg Orejel comments further on the dance department by saying, “In dance, I am given the opportunity to choreograph numbers with the possibility of performing them on stage. Also I grew close to people who without dance I may not have met and challenged every day to step out of my comfort zone and do what I didn’t think I could before.”
“If you are passionate about dance and you really like to be creative and have fun,” he adds, “you should join the dance program whether it be in dance rhythmics, dance tech, or even auditioning for advanced dance everybody deserves to let loose and have fun!”

The dance teachers, Mrs. King, Mrs. Simpson, and Mrs. Espino, along with their dance classes will soon start preparing for next years show with new music and new choreography that the whole school is to be sure to be looking forward to.


“What separates this year’s show from others is that it has more variety,” says Senior dancer Aurora Rugerio, “We had an African, waltz, and salsa styled number as well as two glow in the dark numbers. This allowed dancers like me to try out new varieties of dance.”