Happy Holidays

The holidays are a very busy time of year and can evoke many different emotions. Some people find them stressful while others find them relaxing and joyful. Some people consider them the best time of the year, and others may consider them the worst. The holidays are different for each person, and everybody spends them differently.

Common ways that people spend their time are going on vacation, visiting loved ones, and taking part in their own holiday traditions. Some of these traditions may include gift exchanges, holiday dinners, decorating the house, lighting the menorah, getting a christmas tree, playing dreidel, going to Christmas Eve Mass, and even watching ice skaters and betting on who will fall first (yes, there are people that do that).

Pacifica is taking part in many different events for the holiday and is helping to give back to the community. Many people are donating toys to Toys for Tots in order to help give gifts to children that might not otherwise get them. In addition to this, there is a hygiene drive that is collecting essentials such as toiletries to help those in need during the holidays. A third event that Pacifica is hosting is a coat drive. Donations of warm clothing are being taken in order to help keep people warm during these colder months.

No matter how you spend your holidays and what holiday traditions you have, there will be free time throughout the break, and almost a full week after the holidays and before school starts again. How you spend this time is very important. Rather than sitting around at home all day, try finding a good use of this time (binge watching another show on Netflix probably isn’t the best idea). As dreaded as it may be, you can get an early start on studying for finals (sorry to bring you down). More enjoyable options include spending time with friends and family and learning some of their holiday traditions and finding new, fun and meaningful ways to appreciate the holiday season. Make the most of your time away from school and try your best to enjoy it. If the best thing that you experience over the break is a gift that you open, then you are missing out on the greatest joy of the holidays.