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Reasons to join The Food Club

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Many who hear the term “Food Club” think about either the film the “Breakfast Club.” In reality, this club is about learning new recipes, culture, and the people behind it. Joseph Khalil knew people were missing the concept from meals and needed them to know the truth. Khalil made this club in Pacifica High School for everybody to enjoy. With a lot of effort, Khalil made that dream slowly come true and you too can make a difference by being part of the club.

The Food Club was made for people to learn and work together. Every member that joins does projects that explain why you chose the recipe and what it means culturally. They also hold competitions with one another and go on field trips. Another addition would be making new friends from different backgrounds as well. “Learn new cultures, new people, and new food” says club leader, Joseph Khalil.

The club meets every Thursday at lunch.

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