Advance Girls Golf

Among the fall season sports provided here at Pacifica High School, girls golf falls right into place. The girls golf team consist of nine hard working players: Layla Rodriguez, Victoria Peinado, Christine Vallejo, Jessica Vallejo, Denay Jacksper , Valerie Galvan, Anna Mejia, Mariann Reyes, and Alex Camargo.

Throughout the season, the girls have had a total of eight matches two of which they won against Channel Island High School. Despite these loses, the girls did not feel discouraged in the least.

When asked earlier on in the season on how they felt about their athletic performance thus far, golfer Layla Rodriguez claimed “[they felt] good about [their] efforts and [their] growth as a team this season.” Fellow teammate, Victoria Peinado, stated that “[she felt] like [their] team was improving and [that they] have a shot at being placed in league.”

Earlier in the season, the girls were determine to stay positive throughout for the outcome. Last year the girls earned second place in their league and went up a division this year. In fact, when asked about what they expected out of the season, Rodriguez and Peinado both claimed “[they expected] to do well in league and possibly have a few girls advance into finals.”Fellow returner, Christine Vallejo, felt just as optimistic stating that “all [her] teammates [had improved] as both a team and individually” and that although their team consist of mainly new players “they [were] all quick learners and very hardworking in and out of the course.”

Unfortunately the girls ended up not having any girls advance to finals after their two matches for Pacific View League. When asked how they felt about the outcome of the season, golfers Layla Rodriguez and Victoria Peinado claimed that “[although] they did not place in CIF [they] had a good season overall with everyone improving by the end.” Although the girls had a tough season, next year’s returner, Daney Jacksper, stated that “[she thinks] the season went pretty well and that [she] looks forward to playing again and getting better.”