Captain Marvel: Our Groundbreaking New Hero


Following the release of the first look at Marvel’s newest soon-to-be superhero franchise, and perhaps it’s strongest, Marvel Studios released the first teaser trailer of “Captain Marvel” on Tuesday, September 18th. The groundbreaking female empowering film is set to be released on March 8th, 2019 starring Academy Award winning actress, Brie Larson.


This film is said to be one of the biggest releases of next year, alongside Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War Part 2” (not the official film title, only fan speculation). Many fans have made predictions about the role that Captain Marvel will play in the Infinity War sequel, most assuming that she will be the savior to the beloved Avengers against their unstoppable and notorious villain, Thanos.


Fans put the weight of defeating Thanos on Captain Marvel’s shoulders, based off of the teaser to her appearance in the iconic “after credits” scene in every Marvel Studios movie. The after credits scene is one of the few things you can rely on in a Marvel film, renowned for the clues that they always give the audience alluding to either events of an upcoming film, character appearances or plot points. In the case of Captain Marvel, her upcoming appearance was announced in the after credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, as her symbol appeared on Nick Fury’s pager, calling her for help, as he vanished due to Thanos’ infamous snap, wiping out half of the universe’s population. After the Avengers are seen defeated for the first time in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, the film gives the heartbroken and blindsided audience the slightest taste of hope, with the final shot of the movie being Nick Fury’s pager calling Captain Marvel.


Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel’s solo film is set to take place in the 1990’s, telling the story of her past and how she came to be the most powerful Marvel Universe character. Based off of the comic books displaying her miraculous power, fans have already come up with theories about the events in the 2019 film. One of the main reasons fans speculate that she will be able to defeat Thanos is in the comics she has been known to have the power to move planets! Fans also presume that Dr. Strange will make an appearance in “Captain Marvel”, perhaps asking her for help through time travel.  Another exciting fan theory suggests that we will see a part of Nick Fury’s past and how he has an infamously missing eye.


Maybe the most important power that Captain Marvel has is the female empowerment and strong feminism that it promotes.  “Captain Marvel” will be the first Marvel Studios movie that is a female solo film, making her the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe as well as the one who will practically save mankind and promote strong feminism that is much needed in Hollywood, as well as worldwide.  To top it off, Captain Marvel’s release date, March 8th, 2019, falls on International Women’s Day. Captain Marvel is and will become the hero we all need and the empowering symbol for women all around the world, breaking barriers in the MCU, and undoubtedly in all of us as well.