Should The Meaning of Art Only Be For Certain People?


    There is multiple different opinions of whether or not art should be recognized as important in the everyday life or only matters if it is needed for your occupation. One side could believe that it isn’t crucial to know why we create art, or even what could be considered art, while the other may think that everyday people would benefit from the expression that bleeds through the canvas or paper. I decided to interview three different type of age ranges; an adult, an elder, and three teens.

    Two people I had interviewed thought that art should only be seen as meaningful if the person wants to get into it. That being one freshman teen and a 35-year-old adult believe not everyone needs to understand what each craft means, or let that impact them as much as someone who does see art as a passion or occupation.

    However, the remaining people, a freshman, elder, and one anonymous teen, believe it should be looked at with deep meaning. One person who asked to be anonymous told me an impactful answer that I think most people wouldn’t consider when going over this question in their head. They had said that art helps with depression. When sad, or even in any other feeling, drawing, painting, or anything else expressive can clear your mind. You can also get the vibe through other’s art that is a powerful feeling, as it can tell their story.

    The freshman had a different approach to the question, seeing the arts as a whole instead of expressive arts, such as architecture and location. He had made a point of how building architecture is considered art, and it is important to understand why we need it. The elder had also agreed, thinking that it would impact many if they just paid attention to the piece.

    As you can tell, people will have different opinions on the question of whether or not the everyday person should see the true interpretation of art or only if they would like to, no matter what age range they are, as you can see from the two freshmans. However, we are all humans, and we all have the gift to create, and imagine. So whether you are into art or not, you can do anything with a creative imagination.