Final Concert of the Year: An Homage to the Seniors

Tuesday, May 23rd, the Pacifica High School’s Symphonic Band hosted its sixteenth annual spring concert of the school year. Although the band performs in the PAC twice during the course of the school year– one in winter and the other in spring– this particular night paid tribute to the graduating class of 2017 as it is their last performance as an ensemble in the school. The doors opened around 6:45 for the parents and students to come in and get settled for the momentous occasion.

The program listed many notable composers as the band showed various styles of genre from folk to classic to ballads. It was a night filled with musical talents that the band clearly showcased. Ms. Rogers, the band director, was delighted to announce that she had prepared a special piece for the seniors as a way to challenge them with Shelley Hansen’s “Albanian Dance.” To end the night, Ms. Rogers was to conduct a piece called “Disney at the Movies” written by John Higgins which comprised of a medley of songs from  multiple famous Disney movies. However, before she took her podium to urge the band to play one last time, Jose Rodriguez (12) requested that Ms. Rogers conduct with a customized baton that the class of 2017 had engraved as a farewell gift, a tradition for the graduating class in band. On the verge of tears, Ms. Rogers accepted the baton and continued on with the final piece.

During her closing remarks, she received more gifts from the seniors. Touched and overwhelmed, she started to cry. Not only did she gain a baton, she was given a customized blanket covered with music notations and a composer’s notebook that had the covers plastered with messages of the seniors to their band director.

*The video above is a snippet of “Ancient Flower” performed by PHS Symphonic Band*