Pacifica Highschool: Fire Department Visit

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On the 23rd of May, there was a disturbance within Pacifica’s Administration building. “At about 12:30(pm) the fire alarm in the admin building went off.” Mr. Salahei stated in an interview. The Fire Department arrived shortly afterwards in response to their alert, thanks to an alarm. “A heat detector in the nurse’s office was detecting excess heat.” Mr. Salahei stated as the source for the alarm. There was no real fire and the admin building was safely evacuated, with no injuries or casualties.
After the Fire department cleared the building, an investigation was made to find the source of the alarm. While the source isn’t certain at the time of this writing, Mr. Salahei said that it was likely due to an electrical burnout from “A faulty exhaust fan”. A wire was suspected to have been the cause of the smoke, and the excess heat which set off the fire alarm. Thankfully this was found and an investigation began into the occurrence sooner rather than later, since fires can happen due to a lack of maintenance on electrical wiring, causing an electrical fire. A reoccurring cause for fires is just poorly maintained buildings with malfunctions in their electrical work. When the fire department finished their job, and the building was cleared, a maintenance worker began to check the wiring in the attic of the nurse’s office, which is where the smoke originated from.

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Pacifica Highschool: Fire Department Visit