Spring Ball

Calling out all football fans! Spring Ball is here!!

Practice started on Monday, May 8th for both Junior Varsity and Varsity football players. The boys and two females that are on the junior varsity team will continue to practice from now until a week before finals start. They practice for out of five of the school days. Monday through Thursday, with Friday being their day off, they spend between two to two and a half hours practicing including lifting. Their daily practice schedule includes working on one hour of offense and one hour of defense.

Coach Brondos says Spring Ball “is a great time for players from the lower levels to show off what they have to offer to the football team.” Brondos along with the other coaches such as Moon, are looking for players who “may or may not be able to fill in the spots of the seniors that are graduating.” Brondos is “looking forward to develop a lot of talent to make sure that the team continues to be competitive in the Pacific View League.”

Because the varsity football team was “extremely successful” last season, Brondos “expects the players to do well in the Pacific View League” the upcoming season for the next school year. Brondos’ “ultimate goal is to go to playoffs and win a championship” for the varsity team next season. Final positions for next seasons team will be handed in August before football season starts.

To our JV and Varsity players: keep up the hard work during practice guys! Hope many of the JV players move up to Varsity next season!