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Volleyball : Against Nordhoff

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Yep, you guessed it. Our boys volleyball team went up against Nordhoff on Thursday, April 27 and dominated the court. Having defeated the Nordhoff Rangers, three to one, our Tritons were beyond overjoyed with the outcome of the game.

Overall, this season has been tough for the boys. Having lost quite a few games, they got their spirits down but they stayed determined to practice and work harder during practice. It worked considering the outcome on Thursday’s game was a clean sweep.

The season is almost over and we are sad to see many of our boys depart. Most of the players are seniors who will be missed but we cannot wait to see you do great and big things not only in college but in life. For those who are staying, do not feel so down, you still have next season! They will continue to work on their sets, kills, and spikes. They will continue to strive for the season to come. They too will be doing great things the following season and we cannot wait to see each of you on the court.

Congratulations for the win and good luck next year! Keep on staying focused and determined! Always stay positive and keep your heads up!

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Volleyball : Against Nordhoff