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Boys Volleyball

After having a tough loss against CIHS, the boys made a comeback winning 3-1 against HHS.

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The previous game, the boys had a tough loss against Channel Islands High School. Jose Sandoval, a senior, number 7 and one of the team’s outside hitter’s knew that they “had to fix [their] sets” for the next game. Eric Rodriguez, junior, number 10, and also an outside hitter believed the team “could have pumped each other up” a bit more. He stated that for the following games they should “show up to the like [they are] going to win” and it helped for the next game, against Hueneme.

Erick Nava, a senior, number 11 and a middle and outside hitter, felt like the team “could have communicated more throughout the game.” He believes the team can work on improving their “communication skills and be a lot more focused.” Coach Matty is Rodriguez’s motivator, he keeps Eric going and playing hard. Jose’s motivation comes from “watching Wilfredo Leon play, as well as T.J. DeFalco.” They are the reason why Jose wants “to become a better outside hitter.”

The boys definitely put their goals to succeed to the test for the following game against Hueneme High School. Winning 3-1, the boys were very happy and not at all upset. The win really boosted their confidence but they know that they have to continue to work hard and strive. No letting their heads down. No letting their guards down. Continue to keep up the good work and good luck to our boys volleyball team!

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Boys Volleyball