Caile 2 the Baile


ASB hosted the second Spanish dance “Caile 2 the Baile” on March 24,2017. The whole ASB class prepared for three weeks prior to the event by making decorations, contacting local music bands, and promoting the event. ASB dance committee wanted to bring a variety of music to our school;moreover, we had a Grupo, Banda, and Dj. The Grupo was Halcones del Bajio, the Banda was Huracan del Pacifico and DJ Electronic. The dance was a success. Last year was the first year it was introduced to Pacifica and we sold around 300 tickets;moreover, this year we reached 700. This was a huge accomplishment for ASB. There was a photobooth and paletero outside for students to also enjoy. Many schools around the district were asking if they could attend our dance.  Many schools in the district are now planning to have a Spanish dance for their school. Chaperones and Administration also had a great time at the dance. It was a great way to embrace ones Hispanic culture. It was a different vibe that night;moreover, students wished for the dance to be longer. ASB hopes to continue this dance at Pacifica and make it a tradition. Until next year!