PHS Triton Talk Hack

Last Friday, on March 24, 2017 PHS Triton Talk was hacked by an unknown individual (or group of individuals), the hack appears to have been only in good humor, since no permanent damage has been inflicted (except maybe to individual pride). The non-malicious hack was apparently directed to poke fun at a teacher on campus for his weekly segment on the show, known as “Health Tip Tuesday”. While it was only a joke uploaded to the show’s YouTube account, Triton talk’s YouTube channel was quickly recovered and secured within the same day of the hack.
According to one of the show’s producers Juan Garcia. The hacker managed to obtain the login information for PHS Triton Talk YouTube account in which they interrupted the stream and uploaded repeated segments of their prank. The videos have been removed from the channel, and the source IP of the upload is known. While the individual is not known, the upload source is known. It is important that they find the source since at the end of the stream before it was shut down, was a message that read “I’ll be back”.
With luck, the situation will stay normal and no malicious intent or action will occur against the school or any of the students. How the hack was carried or, or the login information leaked and used, is unknown. More information may be revealed if any more information is unearthed. Even as a security leak, not much is known. As long as no harm comes from it, a practical joke such as this won’t be crashing school policy.