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Boys Varsity Volleyball

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Junior, Francisco Cardenas plays on the varsity volleyball team for Pacifica High School. He has been playing for PHS for 3 years and has been on varsity for 1 out of the 3 years. The season has been going slow but they believe they still have potential. The team has been improving by practicing and playing against teams with different skill levels. Their practices start off by stretching. Afterwards, they practice their serves then transition to passing and hitting drills. Then they decide to play against each other in a friendly match.

Francisco says they “need to bond more as well as collaborate more.” He was inspired to begin playing volleyball by his sister, who has been playing since she was in the 6th grade. Francisco’s favorite thing about volleyball is blocking and hitting the ball. He prepares himself for games by not thinking about it that much. He believes that if the team can do it then he can too. Before every game, the team gets in a circle and chant “ooh ahh” repeatedly and faster after every time they say it. After a couple chants, they end it with “Tritons on three. 1, 2, 3. Tritons!”

Captains Joseph Ortega and Jose Sandoval, both seniors, have been playing on the team for 3 years. They both have been on varsity for 2 years and junior varsity for 1 year. Both captains have stated that the season has been a bit tough but they “keep moving forward.” The team get along so well because of the team bonding’s they hold. For example, On March 24 they got together at coach Miguel’s house for some pizza.

Jose was inspired to play volleyball by his 8th grade coach while Joseph was inspired by his 8th grade P.E teacher. Joseph’s inspiration now is his coach, Miguel Arreola. Both Joseph and Jose’s favorite thing about playing volleyball is “hitting the ball hard and getting the crowd pumped.” One way the team gets prepared for games is by listening to music. Coach Miguel is basically their personal DJ before every game. One of Joseph’s rituals is to “eat skittles to taste the rainbow, because they are high and [he] jumps high.” Jose likes to “listen to Migos, Craig Xen and Doctor Jeffery” because their “lyrics pump [him] up.”

Keep up the good work boys and keep practicing hard! Good luck on the next game

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Boys Varsity Volleyball