Power Rangers Movie Review

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Haim Saban’s “Power Rangers” is reborn in this new thriller action movie.

Produced by Saban Entertainment, “Power Rangers” is the retelling of the original television show from the 1990’s. Five teens with attitude are turned into the Power Rangers, guardians and heroes of Earth. Along the way, they strengthen their bonds, and grow stronger together. The movie’s motto, “Together is More” is pleasantly shown throughout.

Dacre Montgomery plays Jason Scott, the team’s fearless leader and the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger was always my favorite growing up, so seeing Jason on the big screen was amazing for me. It was cool to see his backstory, and how he became the fearless and cool ranger he is. It was also interesting to see Zordon “pass the torch” of the Red Ranger to Jason, it added so much more to the context to their characters. He had a lot of internal conflict in the movie, but he had so much character development as a person and as a leader. He led the rangers through the battlefield to fight Goldar and Rita Repulsa. He showed charisma and energy throughout; he was an amazing Red Ranger.

RJ Cyler played the comedic relief in the movie as Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger. During press conferences of the movie, it is revealed the Billy is autistic. This added a clever take on the character, as there has never been an autistic ranger before. Billy was the inventor of the team, and ultimately was the person who brought the team together. He was definitely my favorite ranger in the movie, even though my heart will always be with red.

Naomi Scott graced the big screen as Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger. Kimberly’s backstory is much different in the film as it was in the television series. She’s is still popular, though, as the head cheerleader. However, her popularity is put to a halt when she is put into detention for punching her ex boyfriend in the mouth. Kimberly’s backstory is delved into the movie the deepest, showing how much high school has affected her. In my opinion, she played the heart of the movie, and was definitely a fan favorite.

Ludi Lin was the Black Ranger, Zach Taylor. Zach was my second favorite in the film, his character and backstory is deeper than one would think. He is the reckless, fun-loving character as he was in the television series, with much more context behind him. In the movie, his mother is bed-ridden from a disease they do not explain. He skips school without telling her, and takes care of her when he is home. He was the first Ranger to test out one of the zords, showing his bravery and spontaneous outbursts. He and Jason would bash heads sometimes, but in the end, they were bros.

And lastly, Becky G portrayed Trini Kwang, the Yellow Ranger. Trini is the outcast of all the Rangers, coming from a family who constantly moves and are very protective of her. She has gone to four high schools and in four years, and Angel Grove is the last school she will be attending. Her mother is very worried about her, even though Trini assures everything is alright. This portrayal of Trini is way different compared to the television series, as she is a lesbian. In the middle of the movie, it is revealed that Trini is having girlfriend problems and is trying to fix them. Becky G did an amazing job as Trini, and I hope she returns for the sequel.

Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks play Zordon and Rita respectively. It was so cool to see that they had history before the movie, showing that they used to be on the original Power Rangers team. Bill Hader did an exquisite job as Alpha-5, the Power Rangers’ robot assistant.

All in all, this movie was phenomenal. I would definitely watch it again. It brought back so many childhood memories, and I hope thye have a sequel. 10/10.