Prom Dresses 2k17



Its that time of year again: Prom season. Students are out trying to find the best fit for them self to make their prom the best ever. Finding the perfect dress is the most important thing during this season, finding something that compliments your body type, fits perfectly, and makes you look great is the important part about finding your perfect dress. For girls this may take weeks in advance to find, especially if you’re trying to incorporate it into this year’s theme: The Great Gatsby. Every body type has a perfect fit. Many of the body types include, Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle,Athletic,  and triangle are just a few to name. A person with an hourglass body type best fits a dress that has a tight waist to show off your curves, let it highlight the small waist you have. A pear body type tend to have thin legs and carry the weight around their middle section, a flow dress/ empire dress with flatter that body time the most. An inverted triangle body type most likely has flared out shoulders, close to an A-line body type, a dress that balances out your shoulders would be complimentary. The athletic body type is more complemented with  a draping dress and a cinched mid-section to show off an illusion of a more feminine shape. A triangle body usually had a smaller top than bottom so a fit-and- flared dress would be a great fit, it will play up your small top and minimize your bottom. Every body type has many parts to highlight with in them, some body’s are combinations. Finding a dress i has but knowing what suits you in shape and color can make it much easier.  In the end when finding your perfect Prom dress, go with something you like, and feel comfortable in.