Pop Solo Concert: A Throwback to the 80’s

On Friday night, 24 March 2017, the Performing Arts Center hosted the second Pop Solo Concert in the school year. This event was organized by Mark Wingland, the choir director and guitar teacher. Pop Solo serves as a chance for students in Wingland’s classes to perform their musical talents to audiences ranging from peers to parents to total strangers. From previous concerts, this certain Pop Solo was different in the sense that a theme was established as opposed to a free choice that most of the students were accustomed to. This year’s theme pertained to a variation of songs from the 1980’s. Although the selection of music was limited, that did not discouraged the students as some went on to challenge themselves and performed a song in another language. Jocelyn Esquivias (12) chose “Tu Carcel,” a Spanish song, with the help of two guitarists, while Ella Grace Borcena (11) and Jazmyn Pagaduan (11) sang “Kailan,” a Tagalog song, with the accompaniment of the ukelele.

From the greatest hits of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, to Johnny Cash; the concert proved to be a memorable and nostalgic collective piece of entertainment. However, the show was filled with technical difficulties throughout the performances, but even so, the artists remained professional and continued on despite the missing audio. In some cases, a few students added a few embellishments in their performances. For example, Marina Einstein (9) danced in the middle of “Hero,” while Jan Salonga (12) incorporated a beatbox/drum battle in the beginning of his set and later asked his girlfriend to prom on stage. The last performer, Gonzalo Chavez (12), captivated the audience with his provocative dance moves while simultaneously singing to Madonna’s “Keep It Together.” The audience erupted in cheers throughout his performance which coincidentally was the longest one out of all the songs prior.

Overall, the Friday night’s festivity had a great turnout; the performances were creative and entertaining. To end the show, Mr. Wingland brought out all the performers on stage to sing a final song, “Johnny B Good” by Chuck Berry which got everybody dancing and grooving with the help of a few saxophone players.