Code Academy: What is Code Academy?

Code Academy is an academy meant to teach students computer science and computer language. Languages that include Javascript, Python, HTML & CSS. The academy stresses the importance of the STEM field in education. Incoming freshmen can enroll and use the experience to improve their knowledge and prepare themselves for entry into any science field, since knowing computer science and language will be useful for every field.

The main goal of the Code Academy run by Mr. Ceara is “to align community resources, local Businesses, local colleges and high schools to develop and integrate a career-technical education pathway for students interested in pursuing the field of Computer Science.” In an interview Mr. Ceara has stated “a computer is as smart as the user.”, in a thought-provoking discussion, the code academy brings in more than just knowledge of computers, but as a difficult academy demanding much commitment from the students and teaching them how to think. Since a computer cannot think unless you teach it how to think. So never give up on coding, or on life. Even if a student doesn’t want to enter into a STEM field, the computer literacy experience will give them the competitive edge within the job market for nearly any job. Since technology and computers are being integrated into nearly all fields to improve productivity and efficiency, knowledge of computers will improve your ability to fill in required job positions for a business’s function. Mr. Ceara has also stated that many of his previous students of whom he spoke to, ended up taking computer programming in college anyway, so he started the academy to help get students caught up and prepared for college.
So in short, Code Academy will challenge students to think and improve, which is ultimately preparing them for the future in the real world for whatever field they may be entering. If you’re a freshman and interested in computer science, then sign up for Code Academy.

Visit their website if interested.