Get Out Movie Review

“Get Out” is a horror thriller written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele. “Get Out” is Peele’s directorial debut. Jordan Peele is famous for his comedic acting in “Key & Peele,” a show on Comedy Central. This director position is a first for Peele, as this is his first blockbuster movie.

The movie begins with Chris and his girlfriend Rose Armitage. Rose convinces Chris to vacation up north to meet her parents, Dean and Missy. Chris is scared to meet her parents, as he does not know how they will react to their daughter dating an African-American. They come to an agreement to go vacation upstate.

On their way upstate, they run into a deer. Chris is frightened and scared by this, and is shook up by the incident. Rose cheers him up, and they go on their way.

When Chris finally meets Rose’s parents, Dean and Missy, he gets such a strange twisted vibe by being there. Dean is a neurosurgeon, while Missy is a hypnotist. They are thoroughly impressed by Chris, and do not seem to disapprove of him at all. This weight is lifted off Chris’ shoulders, and he can sleep through the night safely.

The next morning, he is introduced to the Armitage house-keepers, Georgina and Walter. He gets a strange vibe around them, not getting the usual “feel” he has around other African Americans. Chris disregards this gut feeling, and goes on with his day. Dean and Missy throw an annual party at there house. Chris is asked to take pictures there, as he is a photographer.

This movie was mad crazy yo.