AP Prices Crisis

AP Exam Registration for 2017 was held on February 27-March 10

For this school year, the Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) School Board decided to make price modifications regarding Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Mixed reviews were expressed about this sudden change when the news got out. Although some were overjoyed with the discount it offered, the other half were dismayed for the fact that they would need to compensate for more money than the old system had. The old standardized fee of $91 for those non-qualifying students regardless of how many tests they were taking proved to be a financial issue, while those who qualify for the subsidized fee only had to pay $5 for each test. This new system seems to favor those who do not qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch due to their family’s income as it saves them money as one takes multiple AP tests. In a particular instance, the system had an exception that benefited those taking an exam that has another sibling in the school with the same predicament; they can combine their tests in one transaction and save money as opposed to having to pay separate purchases.

Advanced Placement Exam Order Form Information

In my case, I think the system has finally been more compromised and the huge discrepancy between those qualifying and non-qualifying students has decreased. The change was beneficial for those in the same vote as I am. Senior year is definitely the most challenging year I’ve had academically since I am taking five different AP classes, and if the old system was still enacted, I would have had to pay $455 for exams that I can’t guarantee passing. But with this current system, I only had to pay $225 which was a big relief for my parents. It’s interesting to see how much of a change this price alteration made because I paid $273 for three AP tests last year and that’s more expensive than what I had to pay this year. So yes, it was definitely convenient. My only con, per se, about is the fact that I will only experience it this year and that in tail leaves me with disappointment because I wished they had done this sooner.

I asked other people what they had thought of the whole deal, I was expecting more of a negative backlash but all of the responses were neutral. Carlos Flores, 12, “It’s pretty cool because it makes it easier for many to pay for AP tests.” Having to pay the full price, this student had a slight resentment towards the difference in payments between the two groups, Genre Transfiguracion, 10, “It’s understandable that some could struggle with pulling out that kind of money, but it would be nice for everyone to pay around an equal amount.” Although some might be hesitant with the new change of prices, students are more empathetic to the subject at hand.  Lyanna Garcia, 12, “I don’t understand why they are suddenly charging a higher price for the students who are short on money. I think it might have deterred some students from taking the tests. But it’s not a big increase.”

For those who were financially challenged, some teachers offered their help as they want their students to succeed and register for the test(s) despite not having enough funds for themselves. Even more so, Señora Murillo gave students an opportunity to sell chocolates and they received $30 profit as a way to pay for the extra fees. The school understands the need for extra assistance in these types of situations since not every student has the advantage of having money.