PHS Student Goes Viral

It all started on February 26, 2017 at 11:30 p.m. when Itati Lopez (11) had just gotten out of the shower. She then sees her mom taking a selfie and goes to grab her phone. She then started to record her mom and scares her. She first posted it to Snapchat and then later posted it on Twitter and that is when it started to go viral.

After posting the video on Twitter, the video started getting noticed by big companies. So far the video has made it on Good Morning America, ABC News, MTV, Buzzfeed, Storyful, and even The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The video, so far, has gotten 20 thousand retweets and 30 thousand likes. Itati stated ,“I didn’t expect the video to get as many likes and retweets as it has gotten so far”. She was only expecting around 800 likes and retweets.

Itati is ecstatic about the amount of likes and retweets that the video has gotten , however, the number of likes and retweets hasn’t hit her yet. Her mom on the other hand wasn’t happy at first but now she is. Itati has made a Part 2 video of her telling her mom that she has gotten a large amount of media attention.

When she realized the video was becoming popular she told her mom that it was everywhere through Facebook and Snapchat. Her family members were calling them saying they saw the video on Good Morning America.

Her initial reaction to the video was that it got a small amount of likes and retweets. She didn’t realize that the video was going to become viral. Itati said that “a simple 10 second video can turn into a huge thing.”