PHS Cheer Wins Nationals

Recently our very own Pacifica High School Competition team won the State Championships in Ontario, CA, on January 29. The competition team worked very hard to prepare for this event. They were in the gym three times a week for two and a half hours each practice,  “‘Push’ is [the word] that basically explains cheer,” says Celeste Vildoso (11). Most of the cheerleaders say its tiring but it all pays off in the end. The girls say its hard work on muscles and memory but they don’t stop until they’ve got it down. “It’s more than just looking cute on the mat,” stated Sydney Ramey (11).

While performing on stage the girls try to work as hard as they can and perform to their best ability. Destiny Martinez (11) said that while she’s performing, “[her] adrenaline is really high and [she] kind of blanks out but [she] gets through the routine.” The cheerleaders have pushed themselves to a great extent this year to achieve winning this competition.

Having many hours of practice payed off for the girls as they won first place by six points, which is a lot in the cheer world. Always wanting to move on and improve Destiny Martinez (11) hopes to work on “having more tumbling and harder stunts” in their routine.

The cheer team smiles over their big win.