What’s Love Got to Do with It

Did you know Valentine’s Day could also be called the Feast of Saint Valentine or Saint Valentine’s Day? If you didn’t, well the more you know. The Valentine’s Day we know today is a time to celebrate romance and love and chocolate. But the origins of this romantic holiday are actually pretty dark, and gruesome. There are a bunch of different myths around the origin of Valentine’s Day, but one thing those myths all have in common is that this holiday started off as a religious one.

The most popular myth was about Saint Valentine and a Roman priest during the third century named Emperor Claudius. Emperor Claudius had believed that single men made better soldiers rather than those who were married and with families. He had passed a law making it illegal to get married for all the young men who will soon become soldiers. Valentine had realized the horror of this situation and had married young couples in secret.

When Emperor Claudius found out what Valentine was doing, he had him killed immediately. Later on, Valentine was declared as Saint Valentine by the Vatican during the fifth century, the 14th of February was named his feast day.

It was not until much later, the 14th of February became definitively associated with love. There’s a theory that in France and England, that day was the beginning of the birds’ mating season, which symbolizes love, fertility, and the promise of spring.

So whether you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day with with your significant other or just chilling by yourself, keep in mind this, if you stop by your favorite department store the day after Valentine’s Day, you will find all of their leftover candy and chocolates on sale.