A Dog’s Purpose: Controversy

A Dog’s Purpose shows the life of a dog named Bailey who lives with his owner, Ethan, who is a young boy. One day, a fire erupts inside Ethan’s home while him and his mother are sleeping, Bailey comes to the rescue and wakes them up. Time passes by, and Bailey reaches an age where he has to be put down, but his life doesn’t end there; Bailey is reincarnated. In his reincarnated life, Bailey is a female German Shepherd K-9, working alongside a police officer. Bailey was attempting to save a drowning kidnapped girl, when the girl’s kidnapper shot and killed Bailey.
Image result for a dog's purpose controversyBailey is reincarnated again, but this time as a corgi. A similar process occurs, Bailey ages with a new family, and passes away. Bailey is reincarnated again and is reunited, with his now middle aged owner, Ethan. Ethan is lonely and depressed, Bailey feels that he will finally be able to fulfill his purpose by helping Ethan reunite with his high school sweetheart, Hannah; Ethan and Hannah get married. The movie ends with Bailey making Ethan realize that he is his old childhood pet by performing a trick that the pair had done years before.

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Although having a heartwarming plot, the movie sparked controversy and outrage when a video was released showing a German Shepherd being forcefully put into a pool of rushing water. Lead actor of the movie, Dennis Quaid stated the video released was edited in a way to make it seem as if the they were abusing the animal, when in reality that isn’t what occurred.