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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

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On the 6th of January a man by the name of Esteban Santiago opened fire on a crowd at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Santiago shot a total of 11 people leaving 5 dead and 6 wounded. Santiago could possibly face the death penalty.

Santiago was a 26 year old man who lived in Anchorage Alaska. His occupation in Anchorage was a security guard. Santiago served in the US Army Reserve and the Alaska Army National Guard which included one 10 month tour of Iraq. When Santiago returned from Iraq his aunt knew something wasn’t right with him. He would always talk about all the destruction and killing of children in Iraq. His aunt also said he acted normal at times but other times he was


He went to the FBI office in Anchorage Alaska to tell them he was being mind controlled by US intelligence. He also said he was having terroristic thoughts and believed he was being influenced by Isis. While he was in the FBI office they took away the pistol he had in his car. He was able to get the pistol back because he was not deemed mentally defective.

After he was given the pistol back he bought a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale from Anchorage. He also brought his walther 9 millimeter pistol and 2 magazines with him. At the Anchorage airport a Lieutenant said Santiago had one checked bag which was a handgun case with the Walther 9 millimeter pistol and 2 magazines in it.

Before the shooting Santiago starting selling his possessions such as his car. Santiago’s friends said that he began to act more erratic. Santiago also began to ignore his aunt’s and brother’s phone calls which was abnormal.

Santiago went into the bathroom of the Airport and pulled out the pistol and put it between his pants and waist. He pulled the gun from his waistband behind a man and two kids and opened fire. Santiago killed five people including Terry Andres, Michael Oehme, Shirley Timmons, and Olga Woltering.

Terry was 62 and was going on vacation with his wife. Michael was 57 and was going on a cruise with his wife. Shirley was 70 and flew into fort lauderdale to join the rest of her family for a cruise. Olga was 84 and was going on a cruise with her husband.

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting