Winter Dance Show: Destinations


The dancers strike a pose before they begin their dance routine.

Lesley Carranza, Staff Member

The dancers strike a pose before they begin their dance routine.

From December 9-10, 2016,  Pacifica High School dance department held their annual Winter Dance Show. The Winter show sold out on both nights. This was a great turnout for dance teacher, Mrs. King, who started preparing for the show a year in advanced. Mrs. Simpson, Ms. Espino, and Mrs. King were also in charge of picking costumes, music, and the theme, The three dance teachers came up with the theme of “Destinations” for the winter show. All thirty routines in the show represented a different location in the world.  

Not only did the dance teachers have to prepare a long time ahead, but the dancers also had to prepare and rehearse. Dance Rhythmics, Street Jazz, Dance Technique, and Advanced dance classes along with Dance Club rehearsed daily, during and after school. According to Mrs.King, “The biggest difference in this years dance show compared to others is the level of technique.” The advanced dancers had more classes based on working with partners and technique for this show than any other show. Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. King both say that performing on stage they feel like they’re having “The time of their lives!” Now having already performed their routines, the dance department will now start working on new choreography and rehearsing for the annual Spring show, called is “Planet Dance,” which will occur on May 19 – May 21 2017.