How to Prepare for Finals

Mikhaela Maningas, Features Editor

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Finals are coming up. To make sure you’re prepared for these exams, here are some tips to help you ace those exams

  1. Make a study guide

Not only does a study guide force you to reflect on what you’ve learned, it also helps you understand the material better. Outline important concepts you’ve learned throughout the semester and then use those notes to help you study for that one exam.  In a sense that study guide should be able to ‘teach’ your future self

  1. Location

Find a comfortable and quiet place to study. Maybe try avoiding your bed since that can be very tempting to just lie down and take a nap.

  1. Quiz Yourself

A way to know you have fully mastered a concept is by quizzing yourself.

Create questions for yourself based on concepts you need to master. Review the questions you got wrong and retake it until you answer all of them correctly.

  1. Take Breaks

Balance is key. You won’t be able to memorize or comprehend all the material at once. Reward yourself with breaks, giving you time to recharge and relax.

  1. Ask Questions

If you aren’t sure about a particular topic, ask your teacher for help. It’s important to address the problem now rather than later because later you’ll be up all alone, having to spend even more time studying to catch up.  

  1. Stay Well Rested

Make sure you’re well-rested so that you can be fully focused during your exams. It’s been scientifically proven that sleep plays a major factor on well you perform on tasks. So catch up on those zzz’s.

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