Rockettes to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration Unwillingly

Gena Ducos, Photography Editor

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With the most controversial election yet, president-elect Trump has made quite a name for himself as artists are refusing from performing at his inauguration this upcoming Friday, January 20. A-List celebrities have made their choices vocally through social media as they wish to not be associated with the upcoming president. Who can blame them? People have their own beliefs and principles, it is only right to respect that and let it be. However, this is not the case for the American classic group, the Rockettes, as they were unknowingly signed up to be one of the performers in this historical event.

Many of the members of the group were outraged and dumbfounded by the news as the head of the company made a rash decision of having the Rockettes appear at the inauguration. The women took matters into their own hands and displayed their genuine reactions through social media thus starting a new thread of injustice. Rumors have flown that the dancers are obligated to perform due to contractual agreements; however, one of the spokesperson for Madison Square Garden quickly retaliated that the performance is strictly voluntary, no jobs were in jeopardy relieving the doubts that many of the members have. Yet, this was a close call. It questioned the willingness and boundaries of professionalism and personal beliefs.

The question at hand is, without the awareness of the public or its whole entirety, is it acceptable for a person who feels threatened for their safety to be forced to engage in one act without reasoning nor complaint solely due to their job responsibility?


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